Yoga Therapy and Integrative Medicine

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Yoga Therapy and Integrative Medicine: Where Ancient Science Meets Modern Medicine is the first integrative medical textbook linking modern medicine and alternative therapies with the ancient science of Yoga. Uniting a world-class collection of Yoga-oriented doctors, licensed healthcare professionals, scholars, researchers, and Yoga Therapists hand-picked for their knowledge and wisdom, this book features insight from more than thirty-five contributors who represent some of the top universities and leading Yoga Therapy institutions around the globe.

Complete with over 150 images, an extensive glossary, and diagrams, Yoga Therapy and Integrative Medicine is intended to help illuminate alternative treatment methods and Yoga Therapy’s application as a complementary therapeutic treatment approach.

Compiled, written, and edited by Terra Gold, Larry Payne, and Eden Goldman, it includes three main parts: Yoga Therapy and Integrative Medicine, Diverse Approaches to Yoga Therapy, and The Evolution of Yoga Therapy.


Sun & Moon

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Sacred music has been used in all cultures as a way to inspire and uplift communities. This album of eight tracks offers a range of soothing, transcending, and festive grooves that celebrate spirit. The fusion of mantras offers adventurous rhythm and harmony, taking the listener on a continuous soulful journey.

Leading up to the creation of this album, I studied Ethnomusicology and the use of sound in rituals and religious practices; created electric ambient drum and bass music with consciousness-inspiring lyrics in Los Angeles; studied and practiced sound therapy in Seattle, Northern California, and even Scotland; and chanted at community kirtan gatherings. Using mantras has become an integrated part of my own wellness practice, and I have focused my attention on the path of Bhakti Yoga, chanting Sanskrit chants as used in Hindu and Buddhist traditions. My love for all forms of music and devotional prayer through song continues to deepen.