Acu-Therapy Magnets

Reset. Balance. Alleviate Pain.

What are Acu-Therapy Magnets?

How Acupuncture works with Magnets.

Santa Barbara's Acupuncturist Terra Gold uses Acu-Therapy Magnets on many of her patients. Acu-therapy magnets use tiny, gold-plated neodymium discs magnetized through 1.5mm thickness, and marked north and south pole, giving them polarity, like a battery. They transmit energy in specific directional means through correspondence points on the hands that correlate with specific acupuncture points on the body. These powerful magnets activate the same receptors in the brain that are activated by their corresponding acupuncture points on the body. Hence they have the same impact as using acupuncture needle treatments. Some practitioners and clients have expressed that they feel they may work even better than the needles.

Terra Gold, Acupuncture &

Acu-Magnet Therapies

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-The magnets are used on your hands with medical tape.

-Every part of your body has a corresponding ZONE on your hands.

-Body discomfort, pain and tension are “reflected” in hand zones as painful areas when palpated.

-Treating these hand zones with magnets improves function in the associated areas of the body.

-The magnets are tiny, making them great for precision when it comes to treatments.

- The magnets are strong and mighty, with 2,500 gauss at the surface, making them effective.

Terra Gold's Acu-Therapy Magnet Kit

The Acu-Therapy Magnet Kit is something I send to each client to use for distance treatments. I give clients specific treatments to use based on evaluating their health needs through either in-person or telemedicine distance intake sessions.


The kits can be purchased through my online store and make excellent gifts for friends and
family members too, as they come with a free booklet for treatment protocols to try
for many ailments.

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Remote Treatments Available:

If you are far away, I can treat you from a distance (Zoom session) by doing a live intake by screen, and give you a magnets treatment plan for you to give yourself.

Why not just use acupuncture needles?

In the Imperial Palace during the Dynasty days, people had superior longevity. They used acupuncture and/or herbs every day. By using the Acu-Therapies Magnets on your own, in-between the sessions of seeing me, you get more treatments to reset the behavioral patterns that led to disease and pain, and you get increased results since you likely cannot see me every day. Using the magnets ensures you can do more treatments with more regularity. It’s ultimately more cost-effective for you, and it is more effective for getting good healing and health results.

Acu-Therapy Magnets can treat many ailments, including:

-Pain from sprains, tendonitis, arthritis
-Headaches, back pain, neck pain
-Nasal, Sinus, Sore Throat, Ear Pain
-Immune Support
-Digestive Problems
-Men’s Health Issues
-Women’s Health Issues
-Stress and Improved Sleep
-Urinary Problems

-Prolapse Issues
-Improved energy, Less Fatigue
-And much, much more…

The benefits of using the magnets instead of needles:

-They are painless.

-They make a great alternative to needles for highly sensitive patients (i.e. good for children, elderly, pregnant women, people in severe pain, etc..)

-They are safe and effective.

-They are inexpensive.

-Can be used by you at home.

-Use body reflex zones on the hands (making it possible to treat hard to needle areas).

"Working with Terra is a delight and terrific for my health and wellbeing. Before this, in the fall, I saw her for a nagging wrist injury that would not heal.  I was pleasantly surprised how well the magnets served to turn a chronic problem around.   What I love about the magnets is it is like getting an acupuncture treatment at home that I can do easily on my own."

-Eric Adler, Ecologist, IT Specialist, Yogi

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