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Healing, Sound, Traditions, Love and Life

As a health and wellness practitioner, every day I see and hear from people dedicating themselves to improving their health, while also feeling anxious, exhausted, concerned for themselves and others. Whether we watch the news closely or not, we are all deeply connected to what’s happening in the Ukraine. Whether we are wearing masks any more or not, many people are feeling the effects of post Covid syndromes physically, emotionally, and economically. Navigating these times is challenging…for everyone. At the same time, we count our blessings.

These times we live in also shake the roots of what is just and what is not. One definition of justice is “to make right.” It’s a relational term—- people living in right relationship with each other and with the natural world. Where there is illness or violence, we cannot just turn our heads; we cannot shut down our hearts. While there are people in the Ukraine afraid to come up above ground, there are students here, like my son, learning that his music teacher is afraid for her family who are in the Ukraine. We are all part of each other and no matter how big this world is, or how populated it becomes, everything impacts every thing. As we share the same web of life, the same joys, the same pains, the same potentiality for what could be next, please commit to staying connected. Stay in communication. Stay inspired. Spread what can be useful and supportive.

One of the ways I like to share is through conversation. This week I am being featured in a conversation on healing, sound, traditions, love and life on a podcast hosted by Georgiana Alexander. She is an inspiring entrepreneur and founder of the podcast, In the Calm, interviewed me and we shared some topics I rarely share in big group settings. I hope you tune in and share with me what it brings up for you.

What we dive into in this episode:

  • Trusting the truth of your intuitive gifts.

  • We are all artists, who sometimes forget what our art is along the way.

  • Letting go of judging your journey. Finding balance and moving away from extremism in health, wellness, and spirituality.

  • Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Yogic Traditions, Breath, and the Power of Balance.

  • Sex, Sensuality, Spirituality, and Self-Empowerment. Being your own resource for your sensuality. Finding balance of masculine & feminine.

  • Your body and breath as a sound healing instrument.

  • Connection to self and circadian rhythms as a healing for depression, mental health, and suicidal thoughts.

  • Rediscovering the feminine; History of feminine in yoga, tantric practices, the dance of Ida and Pingala, Shiva and Shakti: The dance of life.

  • Being Multi-Passionate and normalizing the journey of trying new things along the way in your life.

  • Making peace with the modern world. Cultivating Inner wellness and harmony regardless of where you live.

  • Shifting perspective to realize what life design is right for us vs. what we are told is right.

  • No amount of stuff or accomplishment will satisfy you if you aren’t in alignment with your soul.

  • Navigating spiritual awakening and surrendering attachments holding you back. Psychic overwhelm with the world chaos at the moment and how to help support yourself as a sensitive person.

  • Accepting change & shift: What is right for us now may be different and change over time.

  • What it feels like when you’re holding on to what’s not meant for you anymore.

This is a beautiful, insightful, and fun conversation that we hope feels like you’re right in the mix! To be honest our conversations usually end up covering A LOT of ground, and this one is no different, including some pretty funny commentary on modern relationships! So, grab your favorite cozy drink and join us for laughter, exploration, and perspective!

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