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When Comedy and Life Collide

For all of you who have been tuning into my At Home Podcasts, thank you for taking the time to tune in! It's been such a joy to hear your comments and how these episodes have impacted your lives. I continue to be greatly inspired by everyone I have been sitting with for these sessions. This most recent podcast is no exception. I will be joined by long time friend and client, Michael Weithorn.

Award-winning writer-producer Michael J. Weithorn co-created and served as Executive Producer on the hit CBS show “The King of Queens” from 1998 – 2007. Prior to that Weithorn created and executive produced the FOX sitcom “Ned & Stacey,” which ran for two seasons from 1995-97. With Ralph Farquhar, Weithorn created and executive produced “South Central,” an edgy, dramatic half-hour which aired to great acclaim on FOX in the spring of 1994. Additionally, Weithorn served as Creator and Executive Producer of the FOX sitcom “True Colors” from 1990-92 and as Creator and Executive Producer of the ABC series “The Pursuit of Happiness” in 1987.

Michael's bio is extensive, and we share even more about his credits within the episode. I have known Michael since my early twenties, when I was living in Los Angeles and he would bring me in to teach yoga practices to him and his writers on the Sony lot. Originally from Queens, NY, his rye humor and witty perspective on people, culture, and behaviors continues to make me smile on a regular basis.

Check out a clip here where Michael discusses one of the key writer's practices he has given when teaching anywhere from top universities, to working with convicted individuals who are adapting to life on the other side of incarceration.

To watch the full episode be sure to check out my YouTube Channel or listen wherever you tune into your favorite podcast shows.


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