Terra Gold: Immune Support during COVID-19 on Fox News



On Saturday, May 2nd I was interviewed on Fox to offer advice for immune support during the COVID-19 crisis. I was reminding the public that balancing the gut biome is key to long term immune strength. The voiceover in the story made it sound like I think all that matters is what we eat, but that’s only a mirroring of other factors too.


I believe wholeheartedly that how we eat absolutely matters, now and for the future. I also believe that how we regulate our nervous systems daily and make choices that are based on kindness, fostering a sense of goodness within ourselves and in community with each other and the earth, is absolutely crucial right now. Immunity is greatly affected by the diversity and balance of our internal biomes, our ability to deal with diversity and even contradictions in the world around us, and the quality of energy we nourish ourselves with and emit into the world.


Every day I work with people to help them fine-tune their life choices through diet, remedies of support, nervous system balancing tools and assist them in making choices that affect many other factors in their lives for the sake of thriving. I look at their tongues, assess palpation points, ask questions, teach awareness through breath, voice, the pulse (when possible), and healing is supported through reflection and new perspectives so that my clients can move beyond outdated habits and dare to make different choices. I have mentors that I still share with regularly, and we all need mentors and teachers to help guide us along the path.


I’m doing more Zoom sessions than ever and really enjoying it. Reach out to me for support with your immunity and fine-tuning your health. I’m happy to help!