About Terra Gold 

LAc, Dipl OM, C-IAYT, ERYT 500
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Licensed Acupuncturist | Certified Yoga Therapist 

Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) Practitioner 

Herbal, Homeopathic & Flower Remedies Alchemist

Clinically Trained in Nutrition | Author & Educator | Mother

Through Terra Wellness trainings, practices, treatments, and supplements, I provide high-quality services and products for people who want to maintain excellent health, vitality, and a balanced lifestyle.

I work with clients to manage stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, addiction, trauma, pain, digestive issues, hormonal balancing, blood sugar issues, and degenerative or chronic health conditions. I also work with people who simply recognize the need for support in fine-tuning their health and wellbeing for a better quality of life.
My personalized treatment programs include assessments and treatments that recognize the unique needs of each individual.

What led to me becoming the practitioner I am today?

I come from a family of healers and mystics, born in Scotland at a spiritual community called Findhorn. Guided by nature’s spirits, the community’s founders established Findhorn at the very edge of the ocean on barren soil. They listened to the land devas, or divine beings, who instructed them how to commune with the environment so that foods and flowers would flourish.

Abundance ensued, Findhorn became known as an internationally recognized sacred site — not just because of that abundance but because of the practices that led to cultivating it. The people tending the
land were so dedicated to attuning themselves to their surroundings —intentionally, energetically, and inter-dimensionally — that the site became a center for spiritual seekers of many faiths and traditions. It
still is, drawing visitors from around the world.


To understand Findhorn is to get a glimpse into my foundation as a teacher and practitioner. Since my time there, I’ve been drawn to the ideologies of traditions rooted in harmonizing the conscious communion of spirit and matter. That interest — and the inevitable lens on life it brings — has given me the gift of recognizing highly refined teachers spanning varied healing traditions. I’ve chosen many of those great teachers to be my own, and they have chosen me. Everything that I’ve learned from these teachers comes through my work with others. For a full list of my teachers, along with the trade schools and universities I attended, click here.

I believe we all have teachers who’ve influenced us and who continue to inform our way of moving about the world. They share wisdom we can draw upon and awaken to when the time is right. In our sessions together, I’ll call upon your teachers and wisdom as well as mine. I’ll weave in functional medicine practices, integrative medicine checks and balances, continuous inquiry, and clear, present attention.

My name, Terra, means Earth in Latin. Terra Wellness practices and treatments are based on my continuous dedication to the research, growth, humility, persistence, and curiosity that I believe it takes in order to tend to each client and student with devoted care.

I look forward to sharing the journey of wellbeing with you, 


Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu. May all beings be happy and free.


My live classes, videos, and webinars are designed to educate, inspire, and promote self-awareness and self-expression. They're designed for many ages and body types while maintaining trauma-informed considerations. See my live classes.

All of my classes help participants find their unique inner rhythm while offering variations in sequencing for different levels of ability. I encourage authentic vocalization as a tool for dissolving holding patterns of tension, both structural and emotional.



My passion lies in helping people feel their best.

I've been the Director of the Yoga and the Healing Sciences Teacher Training Program at Loyola Marymount University for over a decade.

I'm an international leader of workshops and trainings involving yoga therapy, acu-magnet therapy, respiratory health, digestion and assimilation, nutritional strategies for health, and stress and trauma relief. Learn more...


I draw upon more than 25 years of teaching experience. 



I co-wrote Yoga Therapy and Integrative Medicine: Where Ancient Science Meets Modern Medicine (see below). This book has become an internationally-acclaimed textbook for yoga therapy by the International Association of Yoga Therapists.



As a musician focusing on sound therapy, I produced an album, below. Leading up to its creation, I studied Ethnomusicology and the use of sound in rituals and religious practices; created electric ambient drum and bass music with consciousness-inspiring lyrics in Los Angeles; studied and practiced sound therapy in Seattle, Northern California, and even Scotland; and chanted at community Kirtan gatherings. My love for all forms of music and devotional prayer has been a life-long form of yoga.

I currently live in Santa Barbara, California, and have offices in both Santa Monica and Santa Barbara. Beyond my works in the world, I greatly enjoy being a mom to my son, River.


This album is an offering of Bhakti Yoga, filled with Sanskrit chants used in Hindu and Buddhist traditions. It features world-acclaimed musicians on drums, flute, guitar, and bass. Melodic and meditative, it's music for dancing, meditation, yoga, and relaxation.

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A user-friendly reference guide detailing a wide range of approaches, this book is designed to educate medical professionals, students, yoga teachers, academia, and the general public on alternative treatment methods and the game-changing therapeutic framework for yoga therapy's application as a complementary treatment approach.