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Healthy Diet

Terra Gold
Terra Wellness Nutritional Consultations and
Holistic Health Practitioner


Terra Gold

Terra Wellness Nutritional Counseling and Health Coach in Santa Barbara:

Terra Gold, a Santa Barbara-based  acupuncturist and functional integrative medicine practitioner, can help guide you through healing digestive issues and chronic health issues with a combination of health protocols, including nutritional support.

The foundation for a healthy gut biome and for your long term health is through our food choices. With a TerraWellness program, Terra Gold will go far beyond assessing food choices and assisting the creation of a meal plan for your personalized needs, she may also recommend

acupressure magnetic therapy protocols, herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies, and Bach flower remedies to support more rapid healing, strengthening, and fine-tuning. In addition, Terra offers Return to Health home urinalysis kits and orders blood or stool tests if needed.

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What works best for someone’s daily food balance is based on a personalized awareness of what is highly functioning internally, and what is not. Together we map out steps to bring you into higher vitality, in a way that is sustainable, nourishing and satisfying.

1. Does the thought of eating this food enliven me?

2. Do I feel good about where the food came from and how it was made?

3. Do I intend to eat this food to nourish myself in the best ways I can offer right now?

Next, after eating a meal, check in and ask yourself the following:

1. Do I feel well nourished and comfortable?

2. After eating, is my body showing signs of fatigue, bloating, gas, feeling “stuffed,” or hunger not satisfied?

3. Do I feel better than I did before eating?

All of these questions provide insight and are part of the nutrition diary I give clients as we fine-tune meal choices to support an anti-inflammatory environment for healing and sustained vitality. -Terra Gold, Terra Wellness, Santa Barbara, CA

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