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Terra Wellness programs support and assist individuals and groups in obtaining their goals for optimum health. Each session is based on a series of assessments that take into account western based models for anatomical alignment and functionality while equally considering a more eastern assessment model for energetic and emotional balancing. Terra leads workshops, retreats, lectures, and is available for individual consultations.  Through the ancient practices of yoga, acupuncture, herbal and nutritional therapies and body work, Terra designs specialized healing programs.

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    Yoga Therapy and Integrative Medicine

    Yoga Therapy and Integrative Medicine: Where Ancient Science Meets Modern Medicine is a user-friendly reference guide that incorporates the teachings of multiple Yoga Therapy traditions and various fields and topics within 21st century healthcare and Yoga. Detailing a wide range of approaches, the book is designed to......

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    Yoga and the Healing Sciences

    The Yoga and the Healing Sciences professional certificate program is a Yoga Alliance®-registered teacher training that offers participants and prospective teachers the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the fundamental and advanced concepts of Yoga through an immersion into Yoga’s classical and modern forms....

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    Vocal Yoga Teacher Certification Program

    Learn to teach the patented Vocal Yoga Method® featured in the book Vocal Yoga, the Joy of Breathing. Singing and Sounding. Lyle has combined the best voice training and healing techniques of the East and the West to free the voice. Yoga, pranayama, Tai Chi, Alexander......