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Terra Wellness Autumn Immune Tuning Program

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About the Program

This five-week Program will run from October 4th to Friday November 5th. The weekly practice is emailed out for the week (every Monday), and changes each week (every Monday) over those five weeks of autumn. 


These simple daily practices are all designed to support immune strength AND help manage stress in some very specific ways for fall (Metal~ Autumn time of the year). 


Every week you will receive:


• One 25-minute fall immune tuning Morning Practice


• One 25-minute fall immune tuning Evening Practice


The AM and PM practices both include essential postures, breath work, and guided meditation…plus, an Acutherapy treatment plan based on the weekly protocol of immune points to best treat for fall season health.


You will receive other helpful daily ritual suggestions too!


How it works…


Each week, a link to the practices will arrive in your inbox at 12:01 midnight PDT Monday, to be used for that week. A new link will be sent to you every Monday, to practice for that week.   


Bonus!! Sign-up by Sept 30th and receive a free Acutherapy Magnet Wand Kit to use for your own home treatments (normally priced at $30 with mailing).  


*Note: The Acutherapy Magnet Wand is a powerful tool for the Acutherapy autumn treatment protocol. But, if you don’t have a wand, and you choose to use the therapeutic points as mudra points during meditation, you can still benefit!

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