Herbal Remedies



What is herbal medicine?

The American Herbalists Guild defines herbal medicine as “the art and science of using herbs for promoting health and preventing and treating illness.” Herbal medicine uses plants, plant parts, animal parts, and/or minerals to prevent and treat illness.

How old and widespread is the use of herbs as a form of medicine?

With a written history of over 5,000 years in both ancient Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, herbal medicine remedies can be highly effective for treating the root and symptoms of many medical issues. While the use of pharmaceuticals has largely overshadowed the use of herbs in America in the last 100 years, 75% of the world’s population still primarily relies on herbal medicine practices and/or on homeopathic remedies that are also derived from plants, animals, or minerals.

Today, most conventional medicine MDs aren’t trained in the use of herbal remedies or even given much nutrition training in their required education. Schooling is very different for herbalists, who recognize that medicine is an art and a science in which the whole individual can be treated through lifestyle modifications. No one herb will work best for everyone in all situations.


How do you get the best effects from herbal medicine?

The synergistic compounds of herbal remedies can prevent disease, treat the symptoms of disease, and strengthen many of our organ functions. Intake measures, assessment markers, high-quality products and the appropriate use of those products are all important when tailoring treatment to the individual.


What can I do if my doctor tells me not to take herbal remedies?

I work with many patients who take both Western medications as well as vitamins and herbs. For those who have conventional medicine practitioners who wish that they not use herbal medicines, I effectively use dietary changes, homeopathics, flower remedies, acupuncture, acu-magnet therapies, and other yogic therapies

How do herbal remedies get chosen and assessed for me?


I have a series of ways that I check and balance herbal remedies, supplements, homeopathics, and suggested dietary changes for my clients. Tongue assessments (in-person or through up-close photos) can help me to determine organ function imbalances and decide on the protocols that will assist in recalibration. I also often suggest that my clients get a specialized functional-medicine urinalysis lab test that gives fine-tuned markers for many metabolic imbalances. In certain cases, I suggest blood tests as well. Beyond this, I also use a series of Japanese palpation techniques (either in-person or over live Zoom video session) that further help me “causal chain” what to focus on, in order to treat both the symptoms and the root of the imbalances. 

Many of the herbal remedies I give are high-grade formulas that I craft under a private label using the highest quality herbs available. Some of them are available in my online store, while others are created specially to meet the unique needs of my clients. I carry many medical-grade nutritional supplements in-office, and I also create Fullscript or Wellevate accounts for clients with recommended products that they can purchase in their own accounts with best pricing and low shipping costs. 

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