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Treats stagnation of liver qi and blood, liver heat, spleen qi deficiency


Directions: This 4 oz. bottle is recommended as a daily immune elixir, 2 droppers 2x daily (approx. 1 tsp 2x daily).

Bupleurum & Peony

    • Known for its liver supporting properties

    • Has been used for centuries to help people “go with the flow”; also helps ease menstrual cramps and other forms of qi stagnation in the body

    • Usually always used in conjunction with white peony root or scutellaria root 

    • Anti-inflammatory, antiviral, hepatic (liver-supporting), anti-cancer and immune-supporting properties

    • TCM applications

      • Targets gallbladder, liver, pericardium and triple warmer meridians

      • Enhances flow of qi (qi stagnation causes depression and anxiety)

      • Clears heat from the liver

      • When used with mint, like in this formula, eases depression

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