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Supreme Immune - is intended as a powerful home apothecary go-to choice when you sense immune depletion and "when you feel something coming on." It's excellent for early onset of colds, flu, and fatigue that feels like it could lead in those directions.


*Many clients are using it for support with early onset symptoms associated with Covid-19.

Supreme Immune

    • AKA Coneflower, echinacea has been used to support immunity for centuries due to its immunostimulant properties, but is also used for addressing respiratory issues
    • This plant is native to eastern and central U.S. and southern Canada–Indigenous communities in the U.S. and Canada have used echinacea for coughs, sore throats, infections, inflammation, pain relief, toothaches and even snake bites

    • In TCM, echinacea clears heat from the lungs, stomach and blood and is used to purify blood

    • Studies have shown the efficacy of echinacea for cold prevention and treatment thanks to its antiviral qualities:

      • reduces the chance of catching a common cold by 58 percent

      • reduces the duration of the common cold by almost 1.5 days

    • Supports the lungs and spleen (TCM)

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