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The Baby Whisperer

For over 30 years, Karlton Terry has been one of the most recognized educators and practitioners in the Pre- and Peri-natal Sciences. His work with babies, children and adults pursues the goal of illuminating “implicit memories” to enable liberation from debilitating, hostage-taking patterns held in the brain and body.

In the podcast Karlton reminds us that recognizing the circumstances and consequences of our early injuries is the first step along the pathway toward renewed, positive human experience; and even as adults we can permanently change ingrained, disabling behavior patterns and belief systems by dealing with our pre-natal birth journey.

Some of our conversation came out of topics from Karlton's new book, “New Parenting Can Change Your World.” This practical and compassionate guide for not only adults with babies but also for older children and adults in identifying those experiences and injuries that have held us back from our full potential as human beings in living lives imbued with greater joy. His book has been nominated for Book of the Year 2022 by the Pre-natal Science of Congress.

Join Karlton Terry and I for the video version of the podcast on Youtube here. Or, click here to hear it on your favorite podcast platform.

May this conversation inspire us all to shift our perspective on pre and postnatal care in a way that brings even more empathy and reduces unnecessary traumas for ALL!

Visit Karlton Terry Here:


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