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A Harvest of Being

Dearest friends,

I wish for us all…a Harvest of Being.

One of the greatest honors of my work in the world includes being entrusted with other people’s unique inner journeys---and that includes the discomforts, perplexities and impatience that arise when life’s circumstances feel intolerable.

We have all wrestled with the angel of confusion and she has led us to search into some very dark corners—searching through time, searching through relationships, discovering what “healing” means, even (and especially) through the fractured lenses that we do our best to fill with gold.

In these times, with too many concerns to keep up with, many of us have felt the need to retreat as our confusion is made manifest in the chaos of life’s circumstances, in the breakdown of our political and health systems, and in the transformation of our relationships to ourselves and others.

Many of us worry whether the cures we have put all of our resources behind will in the end, be our undoing. We long to solve the mystery of ourselves once and for all, and stop searching for that something that eludes us. Many of us get weary.

I would like to suggest that we are the fertile ground we wish to manage, change, fix and cure; and, that our ground of Being is actually the neutral soil which is quite willing to accept the seeds we choose to plant. We can decide to go out on a limb, and for starters, accept the mystery of who we are with tenderness. We can abandon our attempts to demand or force an understanding of our many sensitivities and just tend to planting the seeds of our Being deeply, with all of the sweet mercies that we know of—patience, gratitude, kindness, and a willingness to bring forth a harvesting of our true relationship to ourselves.

We are gifted with beautiful minds. Now is the time to use them in the service of, not “our truths,” but the truth that has existed before we took our first breath—the truth that will nourish and give rise to a bountiful harvest of souls that will feed and sustain each other, our world, and those other worlds that would seek communion with us.

May you reap the harvest brought forth from “a peace that passes understanding” and bring your surrendered hearts into the knowing that your harvest will be abundant--and that there is an end to confusion.

With great love, and respect,



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