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Roaring Into Spring

Beautiful Chinese Dragon Mural.

Here we are, in the new Spring season, revealing itself in the Year of the Dragon. Flowers are popping up everywhere, and the birds are quite busy and have a lot to say.


We are entering a time of renewal. Spring is the natural time to move in relationship from the more receptive Yin time of winter, into the more actively, engaging time of Spring. This is the one time of year that we shift from Yin to Yang, and it is a hugely pivotal time of change for us all.


Spring brings more light, and esoterically, more light is a catalyst that tests inner strength, character, and our dedication to that which does not always change quickly, in pace with our preferences.


Thoughts impact our nervous systems, conversations, and our sense of ease or dis-ease. Thus, it is a good beginning to start tracking ourselves as we navigate what truly being healthy looks and feels like. We can attend to choosing new ways of thinking consciously.


In Chinese Medicine, Spring is the season of the Wood Element. The organs associated with this element are the Liver and the Gallbladder. When these organs (and their associated meridians) are out of balance, the imbalance can manifest as anger.


Have you noticed yourself having resistance or angry outbursts?

Maybe you have experienced depression, a symptom of that anger being turned inward towards yourself.


You may find that your thoughts are not necessarily serving the renewal that the season promises so brightly. Thoughts can be consciously replaced and changed.


During this time, it is worth asking:


-Am I making time for being present to myself and to that which brings a lightness of being?

-As I step into Spring, what lightens me up when I draw my attention to it?


-What have I been holding onto that I can clear out now (in my closets, in my drawers, in my mind, in my emotional patterning)?


-What have I resisted releasing that has been holding me back from feeling empowered, free, and capable of meeting anything that is asking of me?


These are inquiries that some of my clients and I have been stepping into.


If we have not connected in a while in person or on Zoom, book a session, and let’s step into Spring with:


  • immune strengthening practices for you

  • support for drainage and optimal liver/gallbladder functions

  • refining your relationship to the Spirit of your organs in a way that manifests greater ease and Yang support for your life pursuits

  • building your inner resources up for all you are stepping into as you lighten up in this season


Some of the ways I am supporting clients best these days are including:


Acupuncture or Acutherapy magnet home kits, herbal remedies, and supplements, but most useful of all is also the inquiry and dialogue we share to help you make decisions that help you feel healthier, more fit, and able to meet your life’s path with strong steps and a steady stride.


Spring has sprung!

Terra in a beautiful field of poppies in Italy.


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