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Healing from Within: Transforming Adversity into Wellness with Ancient East-West Medical Practices

Floating Lotus Flowers

“No mud, no lotus. From adversity, beauty can bloom.”

-From Lady Tan's Circle of Women By Lisa See

I often have people find me, as an East/West Medical provider, in moments when they are experiencing adversity (physical injuries, illness, a big transition in life relationships or career, and moments of pain.) All aches can bring growth if we navigate them through dedicated care that enables us to more deeply attune to our own healing. Being rooted in ancient yoga philosophy, integrative somatic therapy, and in East-Asian approaches to medicine, gives a perspective to healing that involves all the senses.


The pillars of Chinese medicine include the Four Examinations—looking, listening, touching, and asking.


Whether in-person or virtual, when supporting mental, emotional, internal medicine and pain challenges, I use palpation points on the body to help assess a “causal chain.” Knowing what questions to ask, listening to the tone of a person’s voice, knowing which places to check for tissue tenderness, looking at your tongue top and bottom, all these inform what is needing attention for wellbeing now.


The Four Examinations, along with these access points along the meridians, are the most ancient medical practices. They have stood the test of time, and are used far and wide, along with urinalysis (used in both ancient practices and in allopathic healthcare), observation of blood, and/or stool (as needed). Many of you have seen, through your urinalysis tests with me, how much useful information can be received even from that alone! But together, with the body map assessment points, I can fine-tune your healthcare even more for you.


In order to gauge health best, we look at patterns that arise over time. When we consider our bodies from physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual aspects, the way we address health is truly whole. These layers are sensed in the densest of terms, and in the most subtle of ways.


If you have not come in to see me before for an initial intake session, book June-August 2024 and receive a free urinalysis lab report that gives great insight into your endocrine balance, cellular oxidation factors, digestion, toxemia levels, and more. That’s a $110 savings!

If you haven’t had a urinalysis done with me in the last 6 months, book a session and receive a free urinalysis too. Summertime is the time for self-growth.


Let’s get into the mud!

Terra Gold  LAc, Dipl OM, C-IAYT, ERYT 500


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