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Conversations about Perimenopause

Well, spring is in the air, and hormones have been a big topic in my office, and in my larger community, in many ways!

Earlier this week I joined my close girlfriend, and long time colleague, Dr. Cari Schaefer, in a conversation about perimenopause. Given that many of my closest friends, and many of my clients are older than I am, menopausal talk has long been a topic around here. Cari had such a life changing experience with her own menopausal journey that years ago she decided to shape her health and wellness practice primarily around supporting women through the pre and post menopausal stage of their lives. The conversation we shared got honest and raw. I touched upon some of the challenges that arise for me as a mom to a young child during perimenopause, as a woman noticing shifts in what actually attracts me in intimate relationships now vs. in the past, and in some of the ways I have found most essential and necessary for best self care at this stage of my life. May this support you as you personally reflect on your hormonal shifts, or reflect on the shifts that go on within those around you closest in your life.

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