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Fall or Falling?

Do you feel in sync with changes…or as if you are falling?

In my life, I have had times of descent.

They have often appeared in sync with transitions—

the change of a season,

a relationship shift,

a shift in work,

a change in where I called home.

In other words,

I imagined my descents as a result of external events,

and I placed them in categories of:

Past (things that happened to me),

Present (things that are happening to me),

Or Future (things that have not happened to me, but could).

Some descents were shorter lived.

Others felt like times of falling from grace---

within me,

and around me.

weighted with grief,

or shame,

or fear.

I felt alone, both inside and out.

Sometimes I could hardly give, or receive.

I did not want to be here anymore.

At the same time,

I over did;

I over gave,

to try and hide from the void I was avoiding.

I felt the deficit in my:

· spirit

· energy

· emotions

· mind

· body

After enough repetition,

I realized---

Shame, grief, and fear are all portals.

When I step through them and take stewardship of my life as a human BEING…

· Nothing is a personal affront.

· Past pains are surrendered.

· Fears turn into curiosities.

The art of BEING who we are is nourished through celebrating awkwardness, and acknowledging moments of grace. At the heart of skillfully BEING human includes gratitude as a state of receptivity, acting as the center of the wheel of each moment.

At our best, humans are like state-of-the-art sound systems, picking up frequencies, refining our reception as we clean up our perception.

We are receivers and transformers linking the cosmos with the earth.

As such, we can be vectors that heal or harm.

Nothing is untouched by us and we are touched by ALL.

We cannot hide from this.

Best to commit to mastering The ART of BEING all that we are!

Here are some helpful re-member-ances about the art of BEING…

· Slowing down allows a shift in body and mind akin to a soft, loving embrace.

· When partnered with a commitment to graceful means and actions, the duality of judgement and the separateness that ensues can be transformed into clarity and a unified experience of all things.

· BEING happens when we gently hold consistent intention in our minds, house our intuitive sense of direction in our hearts, and action those intentions through our pelvises---out through our feet.

With these intentions and practices we serve ourselves and ALL, well!

Here in support of your health, vitality and wellness.

With love,


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