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Harmony Food Blessing

"Hands together, hands apart.

Hands together, we're ready to start.

The Earth that gives us our food,

The Sun that makes it ripe and good,

Dearest Earth, Dearest Rain, and Sun,

Joy and Love for all you've done.

Blessings on our meal!"

Appreciating Mother Earth:

When River was in preschool, he learned the Harmony Food Blessing. We still use it as a way to give thanks and acknowledge the web of life that goes into the making of what we consume or share. It stays on our refrigerator, and if we forget it, River pulls it down and reads it anew. He just turned 9, but the Harmony Food Blessing hasn’t gotten old.

To have intentional gratitude when we receive food is just as important as the nourishment we gain from what we eat.

What are some of your family meal blessings?

Do you light a candle?

Do you take a moment to just take a breath and look at the colors, textures, and smell the aromas before eating?

I highly recommend these rituals. They make meal time a meditative celebration.


These times we live in require rewiring for how to meet the moments; for how to harmonize internally, and for how to step forward awake and most useful in the world. In a world where many events seem unjust and far out of balance, I have known many people who have had to let go of a lot. They’re letting go of ideas, places, careers, ways of being that simply don’t fit anymore. I have been meeting big changes as they come in my life too. Each day there are growing pains, aches, then ease, gratitude…and then more openings.

As I reflect on the world at large, I’m grateful close and far, to get to share all that I do with all of you. If we haven’t connected in a while, click here to reach out to me.

For those of you who have been sending me referrals locally and globally, thank you for your trust. It has meant a lot to connect with your family members and friends. I love the community we collectively belong to! It’s a great honor to share with you in your lives. Stay in touch. Send me your tongue photos. :)

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