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Mining Through the Mud…Boosting your health during the rainy months with integrative medicine and acupuncture.

Updated: Feb 14

Terra's Garden

Whether it’s in our yards, within our own bodies, within our families, we are all weathering conditions that have us navigating how to re-direct or re-orient ourselves in ways that can foster greater ease, clarity and vitality. Often that means getting into the muddy areas of our own inner selves where we are experiencing pain or health challenges. A damp, rainy season is a great time to strengthen your digestive track, reduce phlegm and change the way you eat. We can do some of this through diet and supplements, but some of it happens through changing your energetic system through acupuncture, magnet therapy and integrative medicine.

As a longstanding health practitioner and yoga therapist, I still often share time with my mentors to keep expanding my perspective and to be able to offer you even more years of experience than my lifetime alone can offer.      


Assisting you in maintaining your health and wellbeing is a true honor for me. For those of you who have been sharing sessions for many seasons or many years, it is such a gift to be able to know you and continue together. For those of you who I have not seen either in-person or by Zoom in a while, I want you to know that I am available. 


We are all being impacted by such huge changes globally and internally. Each day I am reminded that having ways to fine-tune ourselves, shift perspective and re-member ourselves in our WHOLENESS is essential for ourselves and each other. 


Reach out to me here for an acupuncture or integrative medicine tune-in to get current over Zoom support, or for in-person sessions for you locals. 

Terra and D.O.G


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