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This weekend River inspired a trip to the Lobero Theatre in Santa

Barbara to see Lance Burton’s Magic Show. Lance shared how 58 years

ago he had seen a magic show that changed his life, leading him to the

stage he occupies now and on the road of sharing magic with some of

his closest friends. It reminded me that in every day there exists the

potential for our imaginations to guide us to a suspension of judgement

into a sense of child-like wonder and awe.

We play a role in choosing how deeply we allow our experiences to

strike a chord within us, leaving a creative imprint in our psyches for

future “magic” to unfold. In witnessing our own thoughts, we can

choose to adopt an attitude of openness and gentleness. This kindness

allows the child within us to play and imbue the experiential

manifestations we create with joy.

Imagine learning to harmonize with all that seems vast, mysterious and

amazing. Imagine opening to a life so big that dreams and reality meld,

and sweet wonder is experienced in its fullness. In the midst of this

wonder what would your heart love and value most to bring into

experience? Can you feel it, bask in it and immerse in it?

What delights the heart is food for the soul. It is a sacred alchemy to

cherish your life enough to open up to the gift of wonder, and allow

your inner “magician” to lift the veils that hide you from seeing and

being seen in all of your exquisite nakedness.

A great life is the alchemical expression of living vastly, fully, richly and

deeply. What calls you to life and inspires you? I ask, because I believe

that now is your time.

In love, and in the spirit of “magic,”



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