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Move Like Waves in Rhythm

Yield like water. Move like waves in rhythm. Feel that force. Seeking collision.

"These words are the first verse to a song I co- wrote in 1998, with my music partner, producer Kevin Crosslin (Cavestar).”

On a quick jaunt to Yosemite for a few days this summer, River and I met up with dear friends and encountered the massive waterfall, Vernal Falls. Kevin (in Arizona) texted, “hello” and when I sent him this little video of where we were, he wrote that it reminded him of our song, “Waves in Rhythm.” Then he set the video to our song (above).

Life operates as a series of these beautifully auspicious moments, whether we recognize them, or not; moments flow and unfold magically when we allow nature to work like a stream of moving currents through us. There was an afternoon during the Yosemite trip where we had been hiking for a long while and eventually came to a spot along this waterfall where the rock surface was a flat, slightly downhill bed. Myself and my dear friend Kristin, both laid down and went into a deep internal receiving of the waterfall. It was a waterfall darshan (sanskrit for “viewing,” or “blessing"). I was totally transported into a different realm, and it was a profound replenishing. When our other friends and family found us, an hour had passed. I had no sense of time, I was just held in what can best be described as a loving state of totality. The sense of all things flowing, and the peaceful surrender into that, was exquisite. There was no “doing.” It was pure receiving.

I have long been a passionate voyeur and for extended periods of time, a devotee of mystical trainings of numerous traditions. Part of what lures me to the mystical realms is that it feels like returning HOME. I seep myself in a knowing that poetic dance exists, and it offers solace and nourishment. Then, there is this other dimension of living life that includes getting swept up in what's playing out in the inner and outer happenings, like a storybook unfolding. That too can get so enthralling that it can be easy to forget that there are other ways of moving through a “hu” (light) ma(n) life experience.

I'm writing about this now partly out of musing, and partly to punctuate that we all have the gift of moving like water, and water reflects light. Our bodies are 75% water. Blood is 82% water. Our lungs are 90% water. A human brain is made up of 90% water. We can yield. We can redirect. We thrive in communing as a social practice and as a physical phenomenon. We live more vitally and longer when we attune ourselves like flowing forms of matter.

So, what inspires you to move like water? Imagine it. Perhaps try to incorporate more of it into your daily routines and see if a natural bubbling of joy follows.

For me this principle of moving like “Waves in Rhythm” is at the heart of why I have practiced the spiritual traditions that I have throughout my life, and continue to do so. Time and time again I find the practices that remind me of my place in the grand flow are nectar straight from a divine source…the Mother of ALL Mothers.

How can you best Re-Source yourself and deepen your trust that you are being held and Sourced?

Drink in the purity of water more frequently,

bathing in natural waters as a more consistent ritual,

and Re-Member you can unstuck what's felt stuck,

like a martial arts yielding strategy,

ANY time. With LOVE, in celebration of living life well, Terra

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