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Giving and Receiving Love

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Generosity of spirit and the heart is a stream that moves both ways. To limit the flow of giving or receiving impedes the dance of receptivity that is the ONE becoming the TWO to experience the ONE. In other words, yin needs yang, and yang needs yin.

I often inquire within myself, where have I limited my own flow? What stories have I formed that give me incentive to block inward flow, or outward expression?Where do I ache, and do I allow an ache or fear to stop what is nature itself in full cycling expression?

Perhaps, instead, where I resist flow (in or out) can be like a big inhale that fuels the next exhale…and exhale in turn fuels the inhale. Perhaps my CELEBRATION OF THE DANCE OF LIFE and my CAPACITY FOR LOVE can be greater than any impetus to protect, control, or seemingly direct the next moments of my life.

In this week ahead where Valentine’s float around and desires run wild seeking affirmation, I’m wishing you moments of PRESENCE with your own inner dance…where the LOVER and the BELOVED meet…and all else in your life expresses itself as a mirror to the wonder and beauty of that DANCE.


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