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Resetting the Balance

Dearest friends and community,

It has been quite some time since I have put out communication and have posted much less on social media. The truth is, I needed a break from spending so much time on computers and social media. Taking that break was not planned, but it was part of necessary and good self-care. It was also part of how I re-regulated my nervous system and boosted my sense of vitality again; I realized I was “doing” too much and had to reset the balance.

These times we live in include so many people posting their opinions STRONGLY and emphatically. I find myself recognizing the importance of keeping perspective. Voicing what isn’t JUST is so important, and yet there’s a lot of NOISE going on too. I’ve greatly savored the silent moments these past months. I have been reading, I have been writing for the sake of creative exploration without an intended outcome and I have even written a couple of songs! I have also slept more and took up swimming regularly again. I am noticing the moments in my life that inspire a sweet smile and I am savoring them. Most of all, these past couple of months have been a great exercise in helping me rediscover what I hold most precious in my day-to-day life and to value the gift that simplicity can offer.

I wanted to explore different ways I can offer my attention and energy most effectively. I, of course, want these ways to be intimate enough to sense the value with all of you, whom I love to share with. This is still an exploration; I welcome and value your feedback. If you have wanted to learn more about trainings in the area of yoga therapy practices, acutherapy magnets for health and healing, and eastern lifestyle practices for wellness, please write me to say, “Hi!,” or share what you’ve wanted to learn more about.

This is my hello to you. If we haven’t seen each other, I’d love to see you.

I cherish all the opportunities shared at my office and via live Zoom.

Click here to reach out.

With love,



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