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Cultivating an Inner Creativity Instead of a New Year Push

How are feeling since entering this new year?

I found myself entering this new year, and my personal new year (turned 48), feeling internally reflective and creatively inspired. I recorded two new songs and have been cherishing the evolution of bringing songwriting and music-making back into my life.

There have been several passion projects I have been working on that are holistic inspirations for all. Stay tuned for what's to come!

That said, I see so many writings encouraging people to push forth with New Year's goals and with all the things we “think we should do”. I sincerely believe that winter (the most yin time of year) is a time to go inward and draw together our resources. It is a “watery” time, perfect for stewing in our juices, brewing, and immersing ourselves in that inner ocean of all possibility. It is also a waiting time and a witnessing time that allows for percolation, that fluid push of the chosen ingredients of possibility, ignited by the mystery of muse and the blessing of the divine to reveal itself.

Part of spiritual mind training is to trust and to learn how to receive. If you find yourself craving this mode, know that this is nature speaking through you. Timing is unique for each person and your time is the right time, rather than the new year push.


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