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The Power of Stillness: Taking Time to Slow Down, Stay Present and Deepen Inner Awareness

Terra at her office in Santa Barbara, California
Terra Green Gold - Dipl OM, C-IAYT, ERYT 500

I am noticing that many people I speak with are also feeling the need

to get quiet inside too…consciously re-affirming the gratitude they feel for the gift of life, while at the same time knowing what is happening globally with war and economic changes that ripple deeply far and wide, impacting each and every one of us.

While undertaking this deep inner work, it is so very necessary to keep rejuvenating, to remain receptive, and keep proactively engaged in finding the support to stay well-resourced internally and externally. I say this with

reverence for the process, because it is an ever-challenging

balance to dance.

Some of the practices that have been most essential for me lately include:

  • Simplifying whenever possible.

  • Donating things that are no longer essential but can benefit others.

  • Recognizing outdated habits and daring to shake them loose . . .(because we all have to keep risking growth, no matter how humbling or painful those layers we uncover may be).

  • Recognizing it is essential healthcare to stay connected to each other.

  • Drinking lots of water.

  • Eating with gratitude for where the food comes from.

  • Eating lighter, less complex meals to support easy digestion.

  • Singing! Sighing! Breathing full body.

  • Creating moments for raising heart rate in fun ways so that we can train ourselves to experience sympathetic mode as an essential and potentially “high vitality” mode.

  • Creating moments for deep rest each day, above and beyond essential sleep time.

  • Dare to keep loving ourselves and others through the growth stages we face each day.

This week includes National Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day,

and I have been reflecting on the restorative power of nature in healing and fine-

tuning our energy systems, nurturing our bodies’ regenerative abilities

through acupuncture, healing touch, natural remedies and foods.

The field of Asian Medicine first touched my life as a teenager and helped

me to heal through the symptoms of an autoimmune disease. I have felt

honored to share some of these modalities and ancient wisdoms with you for several decades now. If we have not seen each other in a while, I want you to know that I have been incorporating even more breath work and healing touch modalities into my in-office sessions.

I am also doing full assessments, that include tongue analysis and lab support

through telemedicine.

Whether you are near or far, reach out. Let’s connect!

Here with you, as we walk together in health and healing.


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