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Living The Way of Grace

A very happy Spring to you all!

I hope that you all are “stopping to smell the roses” and every other

glorious manifestation of the joy of nature that this season brings. It is intoxicating, freeing, and an absolute gift from the Divine—not to be taken for granted. Rather, best to be treated as a blessing!

Recently, I have had the honor of interviewing Miranda Macpherson, an author, educator, and spiritual teacher, who is absolutely unapologetic about using her connection with the divine feminine as an approach to understanding how to live an embodied, awakened life through a state of Grace. Miranda has written several books on the subject of “Grace” which she defines as the direct experience of divine presence, and she is devoted to “helping people to bring deep spiritual truth into their lives so that they can become more successful, grounded human beings”. She has also created workshops, retreats, and online meditations (some that are free and some not), all of which use a process she refers to as “Ego Relaxation”, as an approach to relationship with our egos—our “structured-patterned-selves”, that is non-violent, non-judgemental, and healing.

Miranda has a depth of understanding about what it takes to guide us into our own personal experiences with Grace and introduces us to tools she calls, “The Pillars of Awakening” that pose as a given premise that “surrender is not optional for human beings”, and that “grace comes most alive when we are willing to admit that we don't know”. “The Pillars of Awakening” are the spiritual, architectural components that build an inner temple where Grace flourishes and where “the dedication of the self to being nothing but a blessing” is held. This is very deep, sacred soul work, and Miranda is an exemplary, gentle, no- nonsense teacher and guide. This interview is a podcast that we have now made available to you.

This Spring, I wish for you, that you find “just a little willingness”, as Miranda would say, to tend to the garden of your soul. Your reward will be great.

Below, is a list of Miranda's Books, as well as her website address. I cannot encourage you enough to go and explore Miranda's website and treat yourself to her wise and gentle offerings. They will change your life.

Yours, in the spirit of Spring, the spirit of love and renewal,



The Way of Grace (The Transforming Power of Ego Relaxation).

Boundless Love

Meditations on Boundless Love

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