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One Love NOW

Are you finding yourself especially aware of a quickening, and at the same time, the deep-dive-depths of personal and interpersonal shifts that are occurring in the world right now? I am sincerely rocked by it on a day-by-day lately---through world events, personal happenings, and through the family, friends and clients whose lives I get to share closely with. I’m also aware of strength, fortitude, and wisdoms getting expressed through people of all ages. So much so, that I keep imagining how together we can continue to dream a world into its most beautiful version of itself ever yet. The woman I am featuring in my most recent podcast, embodies what’s possible for our world, wholeheartedly.

Natasha Brissett is a healer, a mother, a native to the Jamaican West Indies, who sat down with me on my recent homage to this holy, sacred place…a place where anything is possible. We spoke about the power of healing, specific ways she works with the universal energies that assist through her, and discussed the ways in which friendly visitors from abroad have greatly supported the economy, the families, and helped the essence of the Jamaican culture thrive. She reminds us all that a tiny island depends on the bigger world to help them sustain, maintain, and grow far beyond the borders of their lands.

When I was a little girl, my family brought me to Jamaica numerous times. It was some of those experiences that shaped me, and taught me how pure, lush tropical environments can feed us far beyond their fruits. It’s the music, the culture, the open-hearted beings (who live according to a different rhythm than much of the bigger lands) that can remind us ALL what it really means to live a life led and fed by SPIRIT.

I have posted two clips from our meeting in Jamaica last month.

To hear the full podcast, click here.

To view it on my Terra Wellness Youtube channel click here.

As I heard many Jamaicans say to me while I was there…

One Love, One Heart,




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