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Personalized Body Purification

If I ever forgot that summer can be at its hottest just before we transition into fall, I just got a cooking lesson when it hit 110 degrees in some parts of Santa Barbara, last week. Whew! I was extra grateful for the watermelon cucumber popsicles River and I made, and for the smoothies I’ve been making as part of the wellness routine I do for purifying at this time of the year.

About purifying…this past month I took a number of clients through personalized programs that offer both nourishment and detox support to help them meet their health goals. In this Purification Plan, I work with some of my most favorite whole food-based products, and we fine-tune the protocols for your exact body needs: with anti-inflammatory style eating, energy medicine practices, and fine-tuning healthful habits. This is an excellent time of year to step into a Purification Program, to set up our gut biomes and immune systems for well-balanced support as we move toward the cooler months ahead!

My clients generally find me in moments of great life transition, when their body isn’t

functioning with ease, they’re experiencing digestion challenges, anxiety or depression has become a bigger daily factor, or insomnia, pain, lethargy, or general apathy has set in. As humans, we each have unique life curriculum. When our fast-paced lives are moving to the point that we can no longer digest and assimilate well, having assistance to move into a more personally apt flow state is essential. Assistance with moving into stillness to reconnect inwardly and outwardly from a new vantage point, is also necessary.

Since as far back as 1180-1252 A.D., the Li Dong Yuan’s Pi Wei Lun (Nourishing Earth School) philosophy on health, trained practitioners of Chinese Medicine that strengthening and regulating digestion in our bodies regulates both food AND our experience of life as a whole. What we take in, and how we assimilate it, or not, has tremendous impact on whether or not we feel “centered,” “balanced,” and able to source and resource with clarity and stability through life’s many transitions.

I’m continually awed and inspired by how the interplay of physical body, energetic body, emotional body, mind body and spirit body overlay, inform, and support one another for our health and wellness. When I work with people to create a Purification Program it helps them reset their system over 21 days, and the changes are experienced on many levels. I’m here to guide you through it and support each step. Reach out for more details here.

What some clients have said about their experiences:

“I wanted to lose weight in a healthy way, and learn more about how to make better balanced food choices. Terra did a full assessment with me, helped me through a 21-day program, and helped me learn ways to better understand my own body and eat well for me. It was so helpful! I’m really happy I had her guidance.”

-Teresa, 38 years old

“I gained weight during Covid times and have had trouble getting out of my old habits of eating things that kept the weight on. Terra helped me fine-tune how I eat now. She also gave me ways to track things better for myself through understanding signs in my own body. I did a program for eating, but we also did breathwork practices for stress, tracked my emotional states, sleep, and exercise practices. It was great. I will surely keep going to her for mentoring and acupuncture too.”

-Dan, 58 years old


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