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One of the Most Important Things We Can Do

One of the most important things we can do is set our work space up in a way that inspires the intentions we have for ourselves and others. My work space is my second home. The main difference is that I invite people I’ve never met into it often. But regardless, I consider it a temple— a place of refuge, a place to cleanse often, to intend loving kindness within; a place of beauty where I invite transformation.

Your work space doesn’t have to be grand, but ideally it “rings true” as a place that invites both inspiration and peacefulness. To have it feel vital and vibrant for ourselves and for others is how we invite the spirit of creativity; the muse, to unveil the mysteries.

One of Neem Keroli Baba’s most consistent teachings has been, “Love everyone. Feed everyone.”

How we love—and how we nurture and are nurtured can take on many forms. Why not include light, colors, and cozy elements that invoke receptivity and a natural ease?

Special gratitude to Andreina Diaz for capturing the Terra Wellness Santa Barbara office.


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