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Recover and Step Fully Into Spring

Welcome to Spring! We begin anew, reminded everywhere by the natural world which so brazenly seems to display its green and flowering potency. Everything is so alive! After a long winter, this life force is a reminder that we humans also need to take stock and remind ourselves that we deserve and can make choices that support that vitality in our own bodies. Lingering viruses and autoimmune conditions left many of us with long-term, lingering symptoms of adrenal fatigue and sometimes seemingly insurmountable bouts of lethargy. To address this with my clients, I have used a Recover remedy that repeatedly brought a shift in these symptoms. My clients reported that they were feeling “replenished.” I personally also found it to be one of the most helpful formulas to use when I was experiencing those same post/virus lingering symptoms that so closely mimicked what I had endured during my teenage years after being diagnosed with Epstein Barr Virus. It takes courage and commitment to listen to our bodies and to provide the supplemental supports that can mean the difference between building a relationship with that which can truly sustain us, not just in the most challenging of times, but also in the spring-times of our lives. You can order Recover from me now to assist you in giving your body the strengthening and replenishing boost for your immune system after long standing depletion.


Terra's tips:

Recover product is one that I use for clients with long-standing adrenal fatigue symptoms such as acute lethargy. It is not recommended for use during times of actual infectious disease contagion. It is for use as astrengthening/toning agent to support an immune system that has been compromised but is past the phase of acute infection. Highly recommended as a possible adjunct to client's daily supplemental routine.

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